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Jewel Palace Household

The Jewel Palace is the seat of power for House Seelon. The staff required to both take care of the palace, the nobles, and the administration of the areas ruled by the family is large. This leads to three major groups within the household.  

Jolethai Administration

The city of Jolethai requires a lot of work to function. Other cities and towns throughout the principality have their own administration, but none as big as that of the capital of the region. Everything from assigning water to building rights are handled here. And for those living in the city, these offices are the most common reason to visit the Palace.   Most of the oversight is done by the Master Seneschal, Mayek Irondeep, as he is in charge of the treasury and making sure that the area can actually function.  

Principality Oversight

What the Jolethai administration does for the city, this branch does for the whole region. Trade routes must be traversable, resources allocated, and diplomacy upheld. Heading this endeavour is a Sand Elf by the name of Thanynniel Venhorn.  

Household staff

Headed by Tarenn White themselves, this is the branch in charge of making sure the palace itself is in good condition, that the Qel'tath, the family, guests, and servants are all well taken care of.

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