Silvar Canyon

This is a deep canyon, stretching across a large area northeast of Seelon Principality. Throughout a large portion of it, caves have been dug into the cliff sides, connected with an intricate pattern of bridges. These caves form a sort of spread-out city that houses several thousand people. House Nyelandir rules the region as its Principality.



  • 60% Elves
  • 20% Humans
  • 10% Dwarves
  • 5% Gnomes
  • 5% Others


  • 30% Artisan
  • 20% Miners
  • 20% Farmers
  • 10% Soldiers and guards
  • 10% Merchants
  • 5% Services
  • 5% Other


Due to the many attempts at attacking the canyon, it is much more heavily defended than it looks. Ballistae are positioned along the edges to take down threats in the sky, nay and all bridges can be cut to prevent attackers from moving from one area to the next, and there are many ways to attack anyone at the lower levels or on the ground. The most successful attacks have been minor acts of terrorism that have snuck past the defenders. The ability to target these is the main reason why the Protectors of the Sun are still a welcome addition.

Industry & Trade

There are plenty of precious metals and gems hidden below and the elves living here are known for their incredible skill at crafting beautiful objects. A piece of "Canyon jewellery" is often considered a truly remarkable item.   There is also a small but thriving trade in spices grown in the strange nooks of the canyons. There is a backside to this, however, as there are also a couple of more exotic drugs being produced. Some of these are dangerous, many are addictive, and almost all cause hallucinations.


Tens of thousands of years ago, the canyon was formed by the rivers between the lakes that covered what is now the Sa'ar Desert, before the water was lost. It became the home of an elven settlement soon after the The First Breaking, but it was abandoned during the Age of Dragons as it became a battleground during the war.   When the canyon was settled again, dwarves moved in and built many of the more impressive complexes within the cliffs. Around 6000 BSR, an invasion of orcs defeated the dwarven city and took up residence as a fortified camp. It remained such for several centuries until a group of elves managed to take out the leaders of the orc clans and make the rest leave. The leader of this group was Ilyrana Nyelandir, considered the founder of House Nyelandir.   Since their take-over, the elves have had to deal with many groups who have been after their home, but every time they've managed to defend themselves. To a large extent, this has been accomplished through diplomacy, which is also why there are sizable minorities of other races living in the canyon.

Natural Resources

There are underground rivers still, near where the caverns meet the Underdark. These are what keeps the people of the canyon alive.
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