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Sa'ar Desert

The Sa'ar desert takes up most of the south-west peninsula of the Alhowath and this is the home to the Sh'areen Caliphate. In fact, the desert takes its name from an old sha'ree word for 'land'.   Most of the landscape is a dry, rocky place with several canyons where old rivers used to run, or sometimes where they still do. Some sections have turned into more of a sand desert due to thousands of years of erosion, but for the most part, low mountainous regions protect against the worst winds and possible storms. Unfortunately, they also often prevent rainclouds from drifting far inland.


The coastlines around the desert are quite lush, but clouds rarely travel inland except along the lower planes inside canyons. And the canyons are often far between since they are mostly formed from rivers that start underground. With few clouds, rain doesn't hit most mountain peaks, and thus no rivers are formed from that water.   Trade routes have formed along more sheltered paths, but that also means that they come close to crags where various animals might attack, therefore almost anyone who wanders the area is armed or has armed guards.  
Sa'ar Desert
The lands of Sh'areen are mostly desert but holds great treasures beneath the sands.

Fauna & Flora

There are many exotic animals in the desert, from the shiny crystalhorns to agressive digbear to simple scorpions. These are accompanied by equally facinating flora, such as springseeds and various cacti. It is worth looking at many different forms of .

Natural Resources

Underneath the desert lies a wealth of minerals and various magically charged crystals. And as odd as some of the creatures here are, some of them can sell for quite a significant sum.


  • Sa'ar Desert
    The lands of Sh'areen are mostly desert but holds great treasures beneath the sands.

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