Tealhaven - Fort town
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Extending from an ancient fortress, the town of Tealhaven became a relatively safe harbour during the Sunset.


About half of the population are Human and a third are dwarves. There are also quite a few gnomes and some tieflings and dragonborn. There are no less than two families of fire genasi, and one of earth genasi.


The fortress is formally under the control of the Protectors of the Sun, while the town is under the auspice of House Rasheed. In practice, the two are so intertwined that every decision needs to involve both. For this reason, Afsoon, Atina, and Farzin Rasheed all take active part in the governance.   Captain Maarn Vreath is in charge of the garrison here and acts as the representative for the Protectors. He insists on absolute control over everything within the walls of the fortress itself as well as above and underneath the town.

Guilds and Factions

The fortress itself is under the control of the Protectors of the Sun, with a few represtantives of the House Rasheed Guard. They very muh try to mask any rivallry from outside observes.   There isn't much presence of The Dust or other organised crime of the usual varieties. But smuggling and selling of illicit substances are rampant. There are several loosely connected networks for this, but no true leader.


Before the Sunrise, Tealhaven was originally known as Tealach'van and was an outpost to ward off any intruders from the north. It was the last location in the Rashi Kingdom to be conquered during the First Burning War and it acted as the House's headquarters during the Laerite Rebellion.   When the Sunset happened, Tealhaven had gotten its name due to the blue-green makes on its walls caused by the burning flames of the catastrophe. Many refugees from around the area sought out the fortress for safety. After the Sunrise, some of them stayed behind rather than go rebuild where they had come from. After some time of tension between the original citizens, the town became an important unified location within Rashi Principality.


Most buildings are stone and built out from the mountain so that they have a small lower floor and a larger upper floor that is resting on the mountainside. Anything but doors and small details in wood is extremely rare further away from the forest. Every part of the town is built to survive an attack. Or an eruption by the volcano.   Nowhere is this feeling of a stronghold more prominent than with the fort. Its bastions are robust and have metal reinforcements and spikes to ward off intruders. It has massive engines for protecting the town, powered by geothermic forces.   The upper part of the town has a wall, but most buildings are located outside it.


The fort is built on the slopes of Mount Meigra, one of the few volcanoes in the Sa'ar Desert. It has strong walls and many levels from which it can be guarded.   The town stretches from the fortress, down to the forest in the valley below.
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