Horizon Watch

The old monastery here was built at least two thousand years ago, but it was left a ruin a couple of centuries after the Second Breaking. The Order of the Azure Horizon restored parts of the structure in 650 BR, after the Second Burning War. The new stability of the Caliphate allowed them to better study the region.   The outpost truly became important after the Sunrise as the amount of damage to Rashi Principality was extensive and the strange effects on the landscape was worth studying in detail. This task is still the major reason for the outpost's mission.


Almost everyone is connected to the order in one way or another, but not all. There are merchants here from nearby settlements as well as families and others who have chosen to stay.   Most members of the order here are either Human, elven, or dwarves. There are, of course, several half-elves, and a handful of gnomes as well.


There are a lot of traps and siege weapons hidden throughout the monastery. And a surprising amount of the order members are well versed in martial combat. There has been the occasional attempt at stealing the treasures here, but few have succeeded, and none are known to have done so without losses.


Most of the monastery is built into the mountainside itself, with the underground River Tealrun exiting as a waterfall from the middle. There are still regions of the inner parts that are closed off rather than repaired. Only the uppermost members of the order know why.   Besides the ancient structures, there are some newer ones built during more recent centuries. These are mostly protruding out from the cliff-face.


Like most of the Azure Horizon's temples, this one has an extensive library. But the most impressive part is its collection of archaeological finds. Some of these might contain powerful magic, others are of historical and cultural value. All of them are under close guard.


The monastery is part of the mountainside and overlooks the valley below. On a good day, you are able to see all the way to the mountains in the south. Getting up is quite the endeavour and doubly so to anyone who doesn't know the paths. Getting down is easier and there is a life built behind the waterfall.
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