Once, this was a promising trading town which had stayed relatively safe during the Laerite Rebellion and other military campaigns in the area. Then the Sunrise happened. Most of the town was swallowed by the nearby rift and the rest of the population all ended up Burnt. For centuries, the place was avoided and said to be haunted by those still captured by the unnatural energies.   The first new settlers arrived in 830 SR, but the first several generations never went without protective amulets. Great expense was taken to protect the most important areas, from the graveyard to the tavern. While this practice has stopped, many of the various sigils are still active. No one knows exactly where all of them are or what all of them do.


The village elder, Harnan Raanin is in charge and reports ot Qel'tath Afsoon Rasheed. At least in theory. In practice, he barely wants to talk to the noble house at all. He would be in contact with Farzin Rasheed more than Afsoon, be does his best to avoid that too.   There is a small village council that settles disputes so that no outsides get involved. The Protects allow this as the representatives have positions on this council.


There are two members of the Protectors of the Sun stationed here at all times. Besides that, almost every villager owns some sort of weapon, even if they don't know how to use it. Some of these weapons might be magical without their owners knowing.

Industry & Trade

The village has enough agriculture to maintain itself, just barely. There is very little else they contribute and thus they have little to trade even when given the chance. Some try to fool passers-by that some old object contains mystical powers, but there is little to this sort of story.


  • Ma'channi
    A small village in Rashi Principality
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