House Parathioni
The city of Elthani was founded Elathar Parathioni as part of the deal with the Archfey Lauree Redgem to create gardens here. House Parathioni has been in charge og the area ever since, taking some of the surrounding lands to become Parathioni Principality. This includes a little bit of what was Seelon and Silvertree Principalities.   The house emblem is seen on most prominent buildings in Elthani, and purple Kafia flowers grow everywhere — tended by the population as a matter of pride. Other plants grow wild, and often on buildings, but the flowers are very distinct.   While Elthani doesn't have an Oasis Stone, it does have a natural oasis that results in even more life springing forth than otherwise thanks to the strong influence of the Feywild. This makes it a good source for agriculture and it is able to grow various fruits that are otherwise impossible this far into the Sa'ar Desert.


More than half of the population consists of various forms of elves, especially Desert and High elves, along with some Eladrin. The remaining population is mostly split between humans and Half-Elves. Other races are present, especially catians, El'isarn, and Genasi, but as a general rule it is a very elven city.


To an outsider, Elthani might look architecturally chaotic. Large spires rise from all sections of the city, regardless of if it is a rich or poor area. There a couple of grand parks, while some buildings are packed so closely that it's nearly impossible to even walk down the streets. Most locations have intricate ornamentation, the biggest difference being in how old and how well taken care of it is.   Some streets and even some parts of buildings end abruptly where there once were portals to the Feywild. Likewise, there are remnants of other structures that were partially dependent on that other plane. Most residents don't even pay these anomalies any mind as they are so used to them.


The small lake that forms the oasis around which the city is built is at the bottom of a small valley. It's not that far down, but the area around Elthani is filled with precarious cliffs if one doesn't follow the roads.
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Wild rose.
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