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Near the southern shores of the Sa'ar Desert lies a town surrounded on all sides by fields. The nearby rivers have brought life to the otherwise dry areas and provided a valley perfect for farming. The town of Sh'aguaaje, meaning 'green' in Sha'ree, is one of the Sh'areen Caliphate primary sources of gain and other foods from within its borders. Everything here is either farming or providing for the farmers.


Just under half of the population consist of halflings, with humans taking up most of the rest. There are a few families of several other races, however.   There are extremely little in terms of class differences, with almost everyone being commoners. There are a couple of handfuls of slaves, but besides passers-by and the local Magistrate, there are none of higher status.


In theory, the town is governed by its Magistrate, aided by a handfful of Protectors of the Sun. In practice, the local temple for the Church of Chauntea has at least as much influence on the life of the inhabitants. Since this is focused on bringing about more food, the Caliphate doesn't complain.

Industry & Trade

Sh'aguaaje doesn't need to produce much besides food. There is enough trade for that in order to provide for everything else. The same goes for a lot of protection. Many guards travelling through are keen enough to secure the food supply that they will happily offer their servides cheaply.


The town is located along the river with two bridges connecting the halves. from there, many roads spread into smaller and smaller paths that lead to the many fields. Livestock is kept furthest out in this maze of farmland. Since this makes them harder to keep an eye on, theft is taken extremely seriously.


This is one of the few settlements in the Sa'ar Desert that has a lot of wooden structures instead of only stone. But this has also led to a lesser degree of adding adronments and colours.
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