The capitol of the Rashi Principality is home to the Palace of Rifts which in tun is the seat of House Rasheed. the city itself is unusally robust in its design compared to others in the Sh'areen Caliphate. Only the oldest parts retain a more elegant architecture.   Part of Mahi'jathu was destroyed during the Sunrise and swallowed by the nearby rift. Magically enhanced walls were built to protect the rest and since the sun rose, the issues within the city itself have been minimal.


About 80% of the population is Human, with the rest having a significant portion of dwarves, gnomes, and some elves. A relatively large population of half-orc and even a couple of orc and other impopular races live within the city. There are several tieflings and other more unusual races, including a handful or two of genasi.


The city is formally patrolled by the Protectors of the Sun and House Rasheed Guard is relegated to mostly ceremonial functions. That said, the guard is highly competent and often called in by the Protectors to perform demanding tasks or ones that require an extensive understanding of the area.   Locals will ask the Protectors for help with anything that requires official recognition, such as reporting a crime. However, they will often turn to the Guard for support in more delicate matters or for dealing with the strangeness that is part of the area.

Industry & Trade

Many rare minerals can be exported from the Principality and they are often sold to traders here. This also goes for various items and materials made from those minerals.
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