The dwarves were hammered into being by Moradin, the god of mountains and mining. They are strongly tied to these elements and usually live underground in one way or another. This has also led to most of them have an innate understanding of metalwork and masonry which has made them renowned as smiths and miners everywhere.  

Different kinds of Dwarves

Different environments have shaped different dwarves the way a tool is refitted for different purposes. They aren't in any way sub-species, but rather a genetic variation within the population.  

Hill Dwarves

They are more common amongst surface-dwelling dwarves and dwarves who have evolved to rely more on cunning and toughness than on strength and crafting. That said, they have most of those traits as well, just not to the same extent as the dwarves who have lived for generations under the mountains.  

Mountain Dwarves

These dwarves are mostly hardier and used to living in the underground cities in mountains that most associate with all dwarves. Some consider these the more original dwarves, but in truth, they have evolved to match their environment just as much as hill dwarves have.  


A group of dwarves dug too deep and were enslaved by Illithid. Their leader, Laduguer, begged Moradin for power to free his people. But tired of waiting, he stole divinity from his god and rose to power. As such, he could lead a rebellion. But the duergar are cursed by their captivity and can't really survive outside the Underdark. The terrors have made them uncaring and cruel by nature.

Basic Information


Dwarves are typically between 110 and 160 cm and have a very stout build. Men tend to grow very thick, long beards and both genders have rich hair growth. Their bodies are extremely resilient and they can endure much in comparison to other races. They can form some quite impressive muscles from the hard work they are naturally inclined towards.

Growth Rate & Stages

Dwarves have long and often painful pregnancies with an average gestation time of a year. While pregnant dwarves see the struggle as a challenge to overcome, the rest of the dwarf stronghold often become very protective of them.   Multiple births are incredibly uncommon.

Additional Information

Facial characteristics

All dwarves are capable of growing facial hair, but males have an easier time growing large beards and in some cultures, females shave to add to this distinction. In others, both sexes strive for the same ideals.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

All dwarves can see well in the dark, even in pitch black conditions underground.
300 years
Average Height
150 cm
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Dwarves can have fair skin, but most of the time it is tanned or some sort of leather colour. In a similar way, their hair might be blond in rare cases but is mostly some shade of brown or possibly red. Duergar has grey, ashen skin and black hair.
Related Ethnicities
Almost all dwarves learn Dwarvish as part of traditional upbringing.


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