Rashi Principality

The once beautiful landscape has been ravaged by wars, natural disasters, and the worst scars from the Sunrise in the Sa'ar Desert. This has led to a harder people who often feel like they aren't quite part of the Sh'areen Caliphate. In turn, this means that the Protectors of the Sun are more numerous but less respected than in many other places. Almost all of them are recruits from other areas, which makes them even less welcome.


The very southern outliers of the Breaker Mountains provide some Craigs in the northern parts of the principality. One of its peeks even has a slow-burning but active volcano. A couple of small rivers from these mountains provide water for the capitol of Mahi'Jathu and brings life to the only semi-forested area and source of agriculture.   The rest of the landscape is characterised by jagged rock formations and deep crevices. Some of these are ancient, most of the chasms are the remnants of the Sunset. They still ooze of the twisted energies from that time and harmless most of the time, people usually stay away from them when they can. Even the denizens of the Underdark tend to avoid the areas to some degree.   The landscape becomes more like the rocky desert that is most of the Sa'ar in the east and west, some of the harsh nature stretches further south and into the Sh'einre Principality.

Fauna & Flora

While the area is mostly similar to the rest of the Sa'ar Desert, there is an over-representation of more monstrous or mutated versions of various creatures. While both scarabs and giant scarabs exist all over, the latter is more common here, for instance.


  • Rashi Principality
    In the northeastern part of the Sa'ar Desert lies this torn province.
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Rashi Kingdom
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