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House Rasheed

While officially founded as the Rashi kingdom became part of the Sh'areen Caliphate during the Second Burning War, the house was the ruling monarchs of that kingdom for five centuries before that. They only retained their heads and some of their status by bending the knee. However, this didn't come easily to them and when Laer Siahrd sought allies in his rebellion against the Caliph, House Rasheed didn't hold back long.   By the end of the rebellion, House Rasheed was barely around anymore and was forced to marry into other families a lot in order to survive at all. It took them many centuries to be able to afford to not just live at the mercy of others. They had almost regained some of their former glory when the darkness before the Sunrise happened and a large part of the Rashi Principality was torn open. In fact, there are rumours that parts of the noble house still carries the marks of being Burnt. If true, this could be an explanation for how they have retained a growing amount of power despite the devastation.   The house has always been known for its brutal but efficient fighters. There's honour placed in swordsmanship and fighting styles and this extends to teaching those who work for the family. In fact, during the Laerite Rebellion, many of the noble family fought side-by-side with their soldiers. And a few of them also died side-by-side with their soldiers.


Afsoon Rasheed is known as a tough but fair Qel'tath who is wise enough to stay away from the politics of the Caliphate at large as much as she possibly can. Instead, she tends to favour various merchants in their endeavours. Often, she encourages merchants who are opposed to each other and make them all pay her for protection and support. This hasn't always made her popular, but she remains true to her word, every time.   To carry the burden of rulership, Afsoon relies on her wife Atina Rasheed and husband Farzin Rasheed. The three of them often divide the burden so that Afsoon is the deal-maker, Atina is the one overseeing troops and training, while Farzin is focused on the general business of the principality.   Afsoon has two children who are possible heirs, but as per house tradition, they need to go through a trial of combat to claim any title. They don't have to win every fight, but they must show skill.

Public Agenda

House Rasheed is used to controlling an area with few resources. Even the mines that exists there are located in crevasses caused during the Sunrise and some contain remnants of that catastrophe. Adventurers are sometimes paid to clear these mines before actual mining, but this is often something that needs to be repeated.   The harsh landscape has bred a harsh people. Those from the Rashi Principality aren't known for being kind and gentle spirits, even if they might be once you get to know them. Almost all of them are trained enough to at least tell the pointy end of a sword from the one you hold and can fight a pile of grass. Insulting one is a good way to make them practice on a living target.   Not surprisingly, mercenaries often recruit here, and some noble houses send their youngsters here for training. This is rarely popular amongst said youngsters.   Like all noble houses, Rasheed is part of a complex web of alliances.


Out of the guards of all noble houses, the House Rasheed Guard is the one with the most robust military training. Specifically, each member is taught to be an army onto themselves if needed. Due to the history of the house, the Protectors of the Sun don't allow the force to grow very large, and it has to depend on skill instead of quantity.


While Amaunator is the favoured religion within the Sh'areen Caliphate, Ariel and the The Onyx Knight both have a special place within the house. Chapels to both exist within the Palace of Rifts and the cemetary nearby has a major temple to the Raven Queen.

All has Spilled Blood in the Sand


  • Rashi Principality
    In the northeastern part of the Sa'ar Desert lies this torn province.
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