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Laerite Rebellion

Laer Siahrd was the Qel'tath of House Siahrd around 450 BR. He spent a lot of his youth outside the Caliphate and had enough of an outside view that he could see everything wrong with it very clearly. Being extremely strong-willed and even better at rallying others, Laer talked a lot with the leaders of other houses about what needed to be done. Finally, he convinced several leaders as well as some influential merchants, to break free of the Caliphate.   The rebels formed a council and elected Laer as their Consul, a title that was intended for short-term elected officials rather than a god-given Caliph. As Consul, Laer led the rebel forces and for the first couple of years, quite successfully so.

The Conflict


Around year 500 BR, the Sh'areen Caliphate had become more introspective than actually caring for any of its citizens. The Church of Amaunator acted as if it was part of the government and its, at the time very moralistic, views were forced on the populace while few benefits every reached anyone outside of Solaris. Depending on who you ask, the central government was either oppressive or simply disinterested in helping areas far from the centre of the Caliphate.


The first battled started as the few garrisons belonging to the Protectors of the Sun in the region of the noble houses were completely destroyed. The soldiers who didn't manage to flee were given a choice between switching sides or death.   It took a while for the central government to react and only properly did so after taxes were no longer collected and valuables were raided by the rebels. Once the response came, it was swift and brutal. The Caliphate had powerful wizards and extremely loyal clerics on their side and their forces outnumbered those of the rebels. But the Laerites had other advantages. They were better at using the areas, they had new technology imported from other lands and Laer himself was very successful at recruiting money and resources from all over.


There are many an old fort or hidden depot in the grounds where this war was found. The economic and structural damage was incredible and took decades to at all recover from. House Siahrd had all its prominent members executed, the rest dishonoured and the organization disbanded. Similar things happened to large groups in the other involved noble houses and all of the houses lost any influence they had over any government.   Those who had actively participated on the sides of the rebels were reduced in terms of status, often to slaves or at least undesired. Anyone who protested was executed. It's estimated that at least 35,000 people were executed as a direct result of their involvement in the rebellion.


House Seelon returned to some of its former status only thanks to its involvment in the War of the Dunes. Some of the others have shown enough loyalty since to regain some sort of position, but none are at the level of power they were before the rebellion.
Conflict Type
Start Date
472 BR
Ending Date
468 BR



Strong trade routes throughout their section of the Sa'ar Desert enabled the rebels to gain a lot of support from outside.
Extreme loyalty and very deep coffers.


181,000 as well as enormous mounts of wealth.


Trying to form a new confederacy out of the southern parts of the Sa'ar Desert.
Keeping the Caliphate in control of the entirety of the Sa'ar Desert.


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