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House Parathioni

Founded by Elathar Parathioni, an Eladrin, made a deal with an archfey in order to get access to the lands that are now the Parathioni Principality. As part of the deal, he married a fey named Lauree Redgem and their offspring founded the noble house as part of the Sh'areen Caliphate. Many members since have continued the tradition of making deals with archfey, and thus warlocks are quite common.


The current matriach is Dathanni Parathioni, a half-elf who is struggling to get the respect of the fully elven members of the house. She has married a high elf noble from the Lothana Forest, Rainitharr Parathioni, but bringing in someone from outside the Sh'areen Caliphate has angered another group of people who feel that marrying an elf is a lot less important than maintaining power within the Caliphate itself. They have two children, Erendan Parathioni and Lahinneth Parathioni.

Public Agenda

It is often hard to tell what house Parathhioni is after, as a lot of its members make various deals with archfey that may or may not agree with each other. Or with themselves from two weeks ago at times. Sometimes the house is very forceful, sometimes it seems to want to play tricks on the other houses more than anything else. The Caliph seems to enjoy how they always keep the others on their toes. More cynical individuals might say that the Caliph appreciates a force that disrupts nobility so they can't join forces against the Caliphate.  

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