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House Siahrd

The house is most known for the man who also caused its downfall - Laer Siahrd. It was a strong trading partner along the Lamaijadh River and thus more closely related to the prosperity of nations outside the Sa'ar Desert than to the Sh'areen Caliphate. It also held to a less stringet religious dogma, placing Amaunator no higher than any other gods, and putting less faith in the gods than in the will of mortals.


Siahrd were the rulers of their own small kingdom. They became part of the Caliphate only a century before the Sunrise. Considering their wealth as an independent nation was so significant, it's not strange that resentment against the Caliph was always present.   Laer combined a large amount of charisma with a strong will to change what he thought was wrong - with himself, with his House, or with the world at large. He managed to get houses Amer, Leenet, Lorehzi, Rasheed, Seelon, and Silvertree to join him in rebellion. He even convinced the Mecci Family, the Red Shield, and Ships of Synier to join in. But when the Laerite Rebellion was defeated - it hit Siahrd hardest. Laer himself and everyone within 10 steps of succession were excecuted. The house was banned and their monuments destroyed.

1500 BR - 468 BR

Political, Family
Family Leader
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