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House Ha'deabeil

House Ha'deabeil became part of the Sh'areen Caliphate not long after the First Burning War, preassured by the nearby House Seelon. It was a bloodless conflict fought through trade agreements.   Trade also became an important part of the House's power. They were on a good path between the lands in the east, such as the far away Lothana Forest, and the more inland Principalities. At one point they were even strong allies of House Atzih and on their way to become an influential house. Maybe too close.   In 743 BSR, their Oasis Stone cracked. It is unknown if this was simply a defect in its structure or something else. House Ha'deabeil has maintained that it was a terrorist attack, but opinions about who would be behind it differ. Whatever happened, it marked the end of any hope for the House to become a major influence in the Caliphate.


The current Qel'tath is Raan Ha'eabeil. They don't have any partners or children to inherit the title. Instead, their closest kin is a couple of cousins who, despite being nobles, partake in trade as merchants. This is an embarrassment to the family and some have argued for someone else to take over.

Public Agenda

The house as a cycle of influence that it doesn't see to be able to break out of. They gain trade partners and are able to reach ever-higher degrees of respect. But then bad fortune strikes. Sometimes it has been about droughts, other times it has been a shift in market demands, or it has been something else. And the attempted reach for greatness falls apart, only for the cycle to start all over again.  

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