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House Atzih

House Atzih grew to prominence after the Second Burning War when it filled a power vacuum created by the fact that other houses had lost a lot of forces. They used to be a merchant house and dedicated their resources to the Sh'areen Caliphate. In return, they were made nobles in 548 BSR.   Their trade roots are still reflected in how they handle Atzieh Principality. Investments in accomodations for merchants has made it a popular path for anyone travelling north through the central Sa'ar Desert. The capitol of Rotheai is located at a crossroads that ties two major trade routes together and the palace stands at th centre of the market area.


Theiran Atzih met his wife while they were both quite yound and they had both of their children before he acended to the role of Qel'tath at the age of 41. His younger sibling Arreh Atzih acts as a strong advisor in the ruling of the house.

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The House is known to have a lot of valuables, but they keep how much and the locations strictly secret. The natural oasis near Rotheai allows them to not rely too much on outside sources of water even for their largest city.
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