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Windswept people

Members of the Windswept Tribe have learned to live outside, but in cooperation with civilization. They focus on being in touch with nature and learning how to live in harmony with even the harsh landscape that is the desert. They follow traditions that have evolved over a long time amongst peoples with similar ideas but also influenced by the norms of the local population.

Naming Traditions

Other names

Typically, every member also gets an additional name as they reach adulthood. This name is usually a reference to nature or the elements and captures the desires of the individual as to what they want to achieve.


Major language groups and dialects

Sha'ree is the language used with outsiders. Amongst themselves it is heavily peppered with loanwords and expressions from the different versions of Primordial.

Common Etiquette rules

Showing direct aggression is a quick way of making enemies, even among those who previously agreed with you. The exception is if it's done as a predefined test.

Common Dress code

Hiding natural beauty seems unnecessary for these people. It is quite common to wear very little, and mostly wearing garments that fulfil a practical use to get by in the environment they are in. This usually means leathers to protect against scrapes and possible predators, and various things to deal with the heat.   Almost all windswept clothing is brown or sand-coloured. But sometimes they have leather fringes sewn into their seams and those of higher status or who have mastered particular control over the elements might have beads sewn into their clothes to show their status.

Coming of Age Rites

After a member of a tribe has reached biological maturity for their race, they are able to ask for a naming ritual at the next solstice or equinox. This includes a spiritual and mental challenge which must be passed. Failing to do so is slightly embarrassing, but not extremely so and a new attempt can be made a year later. Once they complete the ritual, they get to take on a name that symbolizes what they want to become and what their adult life is.   Until they've completed the naming ritual, a member of the tribe is considered a child with few rights of their own.

Funerary and Memorial customs

Normally a deceased member of a tribe with either is placed on a funeral pyre or be left in a cave where their body can return to nature. Possibly by being eaten by wild animals.

Common Taboos

Alcohol numbs the senses and increases the need to drink. Touching the stuff isn't acceptable among the windswept.   While not a taboo, the chance of a full body bath is rare enough that any larger body of water than a barrel might seem very scary to the windswept. They might absolutely refuse to even get close to a lake, should they ever encounter one.


Relationship Ideals

Polyamorous relationships are not uncommon. For the most part, the tribes help out with any household tasks for those who need it. Including taking care of children, this opens up possibilities for more complex relationship patterns in terms of parentage.

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