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Sh'areen Gnome

The gnomes of the Sa'ar Desert are a curious bunch. Unlike what one might expect, there are Forest Gnomes even if they have a significantly different outlook compared to most of others of they kind. For one, they tend to either live close to cities, sharing the oasis with others living there.   Any gnome might be found having formed a small society in some caverns out in the desert. They build elaborative systems to keep their homes cool during the day and heated during the night and both aerated and hydrated. Several kinds of gnome might live at different depths of their caverns.   Those who live in settlements are heavily influenced by Sha'ree culture but usually retain the emphasis on self-reliance, the community with other gnomes, and encouragement of curiosity.


Major language groups and dialects

The local version of Gnomish has strongly been influenced by Sha'ree and has pauses and "ch", "th", and "shh" sounds that make it nearly mutually unintelligible for speakers from other regions.

Common Dress code

Dark earthy and dusty colours have become very popular due to their use for hiding from monsters. At the same time, gadgets or trophies are often displayed as signs of accomplishments.
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