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House Rasheed Guard

House Rasheed has found itself on the wrong side of many conflicts over the past few centuries. As a result, they aren't allowed by the Sh'areen Caliphate to keep any large force of their own. This means that the Guard is relatively small in size, but every member is an elite warrior worthy of being a knight in most nations.


Guard Captain Ashaan Harandh is ultimately responsible for all activities of the guard, but Atina Rasheed also takes a personal interest. The two work together with mutual respect. The Captain has five sergeants who coordinate various tasks and areas, each assigning any number of lieutenants they see fit to fulfil that task.   At no time is the guard allowed to have more than 100 combat-ready members.


In addition to very well-trained soldiers, the Guard maintains high-quality arms, including some magical specialty equipment. This means that they are ready for more than just humanoid threats, which might be useful considering the scars from the Sunrise that mar the area.
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