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Solaris Administration

It might not seem the most glorious job, but without its administrative arm, one of the greatest cities in the world would cease to function within a week. Traffic is routed in ways that act against congestion depending on the day, water is directed to the areas of the city that needs it, trade and food flow is maintained, and so much else.   Many only come in direct contact with the administration when they need permission for something, want information, or to complain about having to get permission or not being informed. The administration also has the less appreciated task of collecting taxes within the city.


The head of the administration is Grand Vizier Sethos Nehresi, but with such a large city he oversees department heads more than having anything to do with the day-to-day activity of running the city. Different functions are either organized separately under the administration of each district or as overarching groups. For instance, trade permits are handled at the district level while water management is citywide.
Civil Services
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