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House Sh'einre

A noble house very loyal to the Sh'areen Caliphate. They have a long history of political and economic power which has further endeared them to the Caliph. They get along less well with some of their closest neighbours, however.


The current Qel'tath is Na'atza Sh'einre who has spend their whole life in their older sibling's shadow.   There is an issue with the leadership of the House possibly going to a relative who hasn't been part of the political game before. Therefore, there are active attempts to get either of the two siblings to marry and preferably have children.

Public Agenda

Sh'einre is very loyal to the Sh'areen Caliphate, despite originally being part of the Laerite Rebellion. With a shift of leadership during that rebellion, the House betrayed allies, especially the nearby House Rasheed. This has not made them popular with those less enthusiastic about the Caliphate, but has also gained them several allies.  


With a very lucrative spice trade and a couple of reliable mines, House Sh'eine is quite wealthy. This has also, literally and metaphically, bought them a lot of influence in Solaris. It is also visible in the attire worn by members of the noble house and their representatives.

Purity of Mind,
Purity of Purpose

Founding Date
521 BSR
Political, Family
Leader Title
Family Leader
Parent Organization
Related Ethnicities


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