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House Redhok

One of the younger noble families ruling a Principality of the Sh'areen Caliphate. It gained its status in 980 but had already proven itself a political family during the Laerite Rebellion.   Redhok Principality is located along the north-eastern parts of the Silvar Mountains. It also has access to water through the River of Gold as it flows south from Solaris.


Qel'tath Athrineh Redhok is a friendly woman who is always ready to hear others out. That said, her guards are quick to protect her and the House. Her wife passed away many years ago and she has yet to remarry, which means that her sister is currently the heir apparent. This seems to be an arrangement they are both happy about as they are quite close. Some say too close for those around them to b comfortable.

Public Agenda

House Redhok is well-liked in most parts of the Caliphate. They make an effort to be friendly and cooperative. This has also led more cynical politicians to believe that they have a hidden agenda. It would be easy for them to have spies and ears everywhere. If this is true, the Hosue is very successful in keeping such things secret. But there is often a representative present at any important event, ready to provide some advice to those who will listen.  


The House is hardly rich, but it does get by very well. This is partially through very good relations with its neghbours, which in turn has led to profitable trade. The river and the mountains provide a variety of natural resources and if required, the house can remain self-sufficiant for a very long time.
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