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Raven Queen

A lot of the origin of the Raven Queen is unknown. She was once a mortal who ascended to godhood through reaching an agreement between several of the other gods, including both Sel√Ľne and Shar, in a way that is unheard of since and hadn't been made since before Ailion. Before her, souls simply drifted around on the Astral Plane towards the direction they had the most affinity with. Gods snatched them up when they could. The Raven Queen changed that.   The Queen of Ravens is charged with seeing that every soul reaches its destination when and how it is intended. Exactly how she reads the threads of Fate that allows her to see when the time is right is unknown but almost universally accepted. She favours no side in anything and will make sure that evil is allowed to play its part as much as she makes room for good. The one thing she can not stand is the perversion of death itself. Her hatred for the undead is intense and absolute.  


What the Raven Queen looks like is nearly as hidden as a lot of her past. Her face is hidden behind a porcelain mask and her body wrapped in flowing raven black garments. Few have seen her face, and most of the descriptions contradict each other.

Divine Domains

Death, Fate

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A raven

Tenets of Faith

  • Always respect those who are about to die, those in mourning, and the dead.
  • Undead and trying to escape death is an affront to nature.
  • Always be free in the dark, do not fear, it accept it as the queen's embrace.
  • Fate is the guiding force, it trumps good, evil, order, and chaos.
Divine Classification
Greater Deity
Current Location
Soul Keep

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