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Goddess of Rain and Wind

Though she might be precarious and not always the kindes deity, Ariel is prayed to by many. Sailors ask for good wind but no storms. Farmers pray for rain and sunshine when needed for their crops to grow. Sometimes a small prayer to Arial is even spoken just to have a beautiful day and reasonable temperatures.  
May Ariel bring gentle storms!
— Small prayer wishing for calm weather with rain enough for crops.

Divine Domains

Weather, Heat and Cold, Rain and Water

Tenets of Faith

  • Natural forces should always be respected.
  • Learn to harness the chaos of the elements.
  • Don't be afraid to let your desires guide you.
  • Ariel will aid those who prove they can take care of themselves.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Ariel was created by Mielikki, enhanced unknowingly by the primordials of the elemental planes. She was made from pure elemental chaos.   The original intent was for Mielikki to be aided in the large scale climates so that she could focus on the animals and plants that resulted from it. But Arial was her own being and much more chaotic than her creator had intended, sometimes to the point of being outright malicious. The goddess of Wind and Rain often moves through the worlds rather than staying in one place, but she always changes the things around her as she goes.

Gender Identity

For the most part, Arial seems to prefer a body that presents in a mostly female manner. This doesn't mean it's her only form and she has frequently chosen another.

Intellectual Characteristics

Some people believe Arial to be vain as she enjoys all the attention she gets, but in fact, it has more to do with wanting mortals to be aware of the impact the forces of nature have on them. Not just the weather she chooses to influence, but all of nature. Mortals, beware!   That said, Arial is ever precarious, and might smile on even a small gesture or seem to cause mayhem for no reason at all.


Contacts & Relations

Ariel remains loyal to her mother, Mielikki and is the god with the best relationships with the elemental primordials, especially Akadi.   Other than this, Ariel is equally distant to all the gods. Though her mother might disapprove, Ariel has nothing against talking to Shar, Asmodeus, or the various lords of the Abyss.
Divine Classification
Greater Deity
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Lady of Storms
Cruel Mistress of the Sea
The Frostbride
The Storm Queen
Goddess of Thunder
Queen of Rain and Sunshine
Black and gold, with sparks flying between the strands.

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