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The ruler of the Nine Hells was originally created by Shar as the other gods begged her to help whem with the problems caused by the demons spewing out of the abyss. Shar was one of the few gods who wasn't trying to deal with the wars that resulted from the First Breaking and the dragons threatening to tear the material plane apart and so she was the best chance of preventing the outer planes from being destroyed.   The plan worked perfectly at first. Asmodeus was powerful and proud and created an army of celestials to fight his war. But the fight corrupted them and make them simply want to win no matter the cost. Eventually, Asmodeus made his famous deal. Most of the gods didn't trust him completely, so when he asked for a gathering of the gods to review a proposal, they insisted that it be overseen by Primus, the ruler of Mechanus to make sure that the ruler of the Nine could be held to his word. But Asmodeus had no intention of lying. Not as such, anyway.  
Those who turn from you and would rather sin and disrespect you than give you even the slightest smile, do they not deserve a reminder of your glory? If that reminder would in itself make the world safer, is that not a good thing? If there is punishment for turning away just as there are rewards for worshipping you, might that not aid your ideals - whichever they are? I propose that those who still turn away and sin, despite knowing your glory, would be sent to me. They would aid in the fight against the demons, fulfilling the task I was created for.
— Asmodeus
  The result of this deal is that Asmodeus is unable to lie and any deals made in his name must be kept to the letter. In return, he gets the souls of those who have turned away from the gods or who willingly give up their souls. Those souls then become eternal parts of the infernal machine. Which means that it's in the best interest of the Hells to tempt as many as possible to sin, which is a side effect the gods didn't consider.

Tenets of Faith

  • A deal should be kept to the letter. Not always to the spirit.
  • The weak and gullible deserve their dark fates.
  • You can improve your lot if you're prepared to sacrifice someone else.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Asmodeus was among those who lost the least from the Second Breaking as he was already very good and using agents to subtly affect the world rather than walking it himself. He has archdevils who have various levels of devils who usually have at least one level of humanoid mediator between themselves and those they manipulate.


Contacts & Relations

Shar never expected less of her creation than to be able to double-cross all the gods and she remains impressed and an ally. Asmodeus also holds a great deal of respect for both Llolth and the Onyx Knight and deals with them on occation.   Tiamat currently resides in the Nine Hells and she has a shaky alliance with Asmodeus.   As a general rule, Asmodeus has an easier time dealing with those who he fundamentally disagrees with, such as Moradin, who understands the importance of well made plans, than he does those who might have similar goals but that he views as barbaric, such as Gruumsh.
Sin, Pride, Punishment
Divine Classification
Greater Deity
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Lord of the Nine Hells
Ruler of the Burning Pit
The Great Tempter
Ruled Locations


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