Farzin Rasheed

Farzin Rasheed

Farzin grew up expected to fill some role as Hand of the Caliphate and took an interest in helping the people deal with the simple things in life. They trained under the Master Seneschal of House Rasheed even as a teenager. This is also how they met their future husband, Afsoon.

Physical Description

Apparel & Accessories

Farzin usually dresses in simple but right clothes along with some sort of sheer coat.

Mental characteristics


Farzin is highly educated and always trying to learn more. They take pride in understanding the details of the various forms of work they direct via the house's Master Seneschal, Drauni Aashidh, and other means.

Accomplishments & Achievements

The fact that Rashi Principality still maintains a healthy infrastructure is largely due to Farzin's efforts. Too much of it has either dilapidated over the years or maintained only for defence purposes. Now, trade helps several locations blossom.


Family Ties

While they were very young when they first met, it took a while before Farzin and Afsoon married. By then, the latter had already married Atina. Now, the three of them live happily together and rule as a triumvirate. Farzin, with their practical skills, is in charge of most of the day-to-day handling of practical matters. They are very glad to give any diplomatic or financial trouble to Afsoon or any security issues to Atina.

Religious Views

Farzin is very much not a religious person. They recognise that the gods to a lot for and to mortals, but sometimes they'd prefer the gods didn't. A few of them are useful, others should just stay out of the way.


Afsoon Rasheed


Towards Farzin Rasheed


Farzin Rasheed


Towards Afsoon Rasheed


Year of Birth
1333 SR 32 Years old
Afsoon Rasheed (Husband)
Current Residence
Hazel brown
Short, black, usually swept back.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Light dusty colour
170 cm
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations


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