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The Onyx Knight

Goddess of War

As all sides of the Dawn War tried to find a strategic advantage, the energies are thrown into the still-forming creation, they hit black stone and metal that melded into the armour of the Onyx Knight. She's neutral when it comes to the great conflicts in the world, but she will not tolerate random violence. this sets her apart from Gruumsh who delights in brutality.   The Knight is the patron of generals and soldiers, helping them with strategy, tactics, and ability on the battlefield. But guards and mercenaries, as well as anyone else who has reason to wield a weapon, might pray to her so that their strategies might be successful. In some areas, shrines to the Onyx Knight are considered a bad omen by commoners, as they might be drafted into an army. However, angering the Knight by acting against the shrine would be much worse.  
There is no lack of valour in death, but there is in a useless fight. Any battle should have a purpose, any skirmish should be fought with honour. Be as sharp as your sword.
— Kahil Al-Nah'thi, paladin of the Onyx Knight

Divine Domains

Strategy, tactics, and combat all fall under her domain. She is the goddess for anyone who wishes to master fighting at any level through skill and dedication, as opposed to fury and rage.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Her onyx gauntlet in front of a weapon is the most common symbol of the Onyx Knight, but there are others. Some prefer to see her defensive aspects and instead portray a black helmet with a red plume facing forward. Her colours are generally onyx black and blood red.   Priests of the Onyx Knight often wear at least some armour as a sign of their goddess, and they train with some kind of weapon, even if they don't reach a high level of skill.

Tenets of Faith

  • Preparation is key to victory. Those who don't, deserve to lose.
  • Always prepare for the worst, even when expecting the best.
  • Your weapons reflect your soul - take care of them and respect them.
Any followers of the Onyx Knight are expected to keep self-control at all times. They might use violence, but they will never do so simply out of anger. Instead, everything, related to combat or not, is a carefully thought-out strategy.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

The Onyx Knight usually appear as a tall redheaded woman with tanned skin, wearing onyx-black full plate armour. She always has at least one weapon at hand, usually a long-sword. She has a powerful build, but not bulky as she can be as quick and graceful as she can be strong. There are times when she only appears as a black helmet with a bloodred plume, looking down at the one she's speaking to through heavy fog and clouds.


Contacts & Relations

The Onyx Knight has understandings with both Amaunator and Asmodeus, understanding the tactics of both. She's aware of their drastically different goals, but to her, they both serve to bring balance to the world in their own way. She also has ties to Primus, though they rarely interact much.   The one the Onyx Knight really doesn't approve of is Gruumsh. The two share very similar domains, but while she is elegant, precise, and cunning; he is savage, reckless, and bloodthirsty. He is the flip side of the same area as her and she can't stand it.


The Onyx Knight always appears in full armour and is always stoic. She always has a back-up plan and will measure everyone's ability in combat - physical, mental, and spiritual. She's sharp and to the point, treating conversation as she would striking with her sword. She expects the same from anyone she interacts with.
Divine Classification
Greater Deity
Honorary & Occupational Titles
The Knight
The Blood Knight
The Dark General
The Black Blade
Queen of Swords


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