Jolenri River

The Jolanri starts within the city of Jolethai and snakes its way south to the Methei Sea.


The river starts off as a narrow but steady stream created by the Jolethai Oasis Stone. Parts of the river descends into underground caverns before emerging further towards the sea. It meets the Methei Sea at the city of Mezab'kann.


The river has a fairly low amount of animals at its origin since it is artificially created there. This changes along its path, and it picks up several strange species during its trip through the Underdark. Other creatures spread by swimming upstream from the rivers merging with the Jolenri.

Natural Resources

The water transports many valuable minerals towards the sea and there are those who make a living sifting through the water in an attempt to find something valuable. Every time this group is about to give up, there seems to be another person who gets rich from a find.
Alternative Name(s)
Jolethai River
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