Fort Karachmi

The town of Karachmi was destroyed before the Sunrise as the ground was ripped open during the cataclysm. As a result, many around were Burnt and various strange creatures clawed their way out and killed the rest of the population. When order was restored after the Sunrise, House Rasheed and the Sh'areen Caliphate built a fort here together in order to defend against further incursions.   Over time, a town has grown around the fort, providing a civilian population that trade and care for outsiders. Many of the Protectors who are stationed here have formed families that live outside the fort.


Half of those who live here are directly involved with the fort itself. Most of those are Protectors, some work for the House Rasheed Guard, and others are support staff. Those at the fort mostly follow the demographics of the Caliphate at large. Amongst the rest of the population, tieflings are overrepresented and there are even a few genasi.   The population here leans towards the younger side. Many soldiers move away to saer areas with their families once they finish their duties. And attacks from creatures around leads to an above-average mortality rate.


The town is technically part of Rashi Principality and thus ruled by House Rasheed. But since the fort is under the jurisdiction of the Protectors of the Sun, life is often dictated by the military organisation rather than any local civilian rules.


The fort itself is built as three large walls resting against a cliffside. The courtyard is both training grounds and recreational area. Civilians aren't supposed to be allowed in, but everyone knows this is the most frequently broken rule in town. And for family members of the stationed soldiers, no one even questions it.
Founding Date
Military, Base
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