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A dwarf in the night

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On a stormy night, when the clouds rolled ominously and the winds howled like a pack of hungry wolves, the forest seemed to hold its breath. Suddenly, a rabbit named Fluffy twitched his nose, sensing trouble in the air. Meanwhile, a mischievous dwarf named Gus hurriedly scurried through the underbrush, while a troupe of ducks waddled nervously by. As dark clouds loomed overhead, threatening to unleash their fury upon the land, Gus reached the top of a grassy and quite usual-looking hill, his gaze fixed on the turbulent sky. Lightning danced across the horizon, casting eerie shadows on the landscape below.  
A world full of wonders.
  With a determined glint in his eye, Gus reached for the worn-down backpack strapped to his back. From within its depths, he withdrew a sturdy spade, its metal gleaming faintly in the dim light. Without hesitation, he set to work, driving the blade into the earth with practiced precision. With each scoop of dirt, Gus dove deeper into the hillside, his movements swift and sure. The rumble of thunder echoed in the distance, urging him onward. He understood that time was crucial.  
Gus the Dwarf by SemJart (Art Adoption)
With a triumphant grin, Gus brushed away the last remnants of dirt from the smooth surface of the slab of rock he had uncovered. His heart raced with anticipation as he kneeled before the mysterious stone, his fingers tracing its ancient contours with reverence. Drawing forth his trusty knife, worn and weathered from years of use, Gus carefully probed the surface of the stone, seeking out any hidden seams or cracks. And then, with a deft flick of his wrist, he found it - a small piece of the stone that yielded to his touch, revealing a hidden recess beneath.
Eagerly, Gus inserted his thumb into the opening, feeling the cool touch of the stone against his skin. With a steady hand, he flexed his fingers, exerting just enough pressure to dislodge the hidden mechanism within. The stone then shifted, revealing a larger, hollow space beneath its surface with a soft click. As lightning streaked across the sky, illuminating the cavern with an otherworldly glow, Gus gazed in awe at the magnificent sight before him. Nestled within the depths of the cavern lay a colossal, pulsating crystal - a waystone of the leyline network that spanned the vast expanses of Alana. However, dark crimson veins marred this grandeur, snaking through its azure depths like sinister tendrils coiling around its luminous form. These veins, reminiscent of an insidious blight, cast a stark contrast against the crystal's tranquil radiance, hinting at mysteries lurking within its depths. Corruption.   With practiced hands, Gus retrieved a large wooden box from his backpack, its contents carefully protected within. Unlocking the lid, he revealed a small construct - a delicate green crystal encased in intricate silvery metalwork. With utmost care, he positioned the construct above the waystone. Next, Gus retrieved three thick wooden sticks adorned with intricate carvings. With measured steps, he paced around the circle, each movement precise as he positioned the totems with reverence.  
Waystone by Tillerz using MJ
Standing back, Gus raised his arms to the heavens, his voice rising in a fervent chant that echoed through the night. As his words grew louder, reaching a crescendo of intensity, a brilliant flash of lightning tore through the darkness, striking the pinnacle of the green crystal. With a deafening crack, the lightning bolt pierced downward, its radiant energy suffusing the waystone with a brilliant light. As the last echoes of power faded, the once-tainted waystone gleamed with pristine brilliance, its essence restored to purity. The verdant cloud lingering in the air whispered of transformative magic, a testament to the ritual's success. Gus peered down into the cavern, beholding the leyline network's rejuvenated radiance, its azure rays pulsing with renewed vitality. His task here was complete, yet he knew it was but a prelude to the challenges that lay ahead.   With firm determination, Gus sealed the cavern's lid and concealed it beneath layers of earth and soil, veiling its secrets once more. The origin of the corruption remained a mystery, yet Gus knew this was a recurring threat that demanded further investigation. Resolved to seek counsel from his fellow druids, Gus gathered his tools and stowed them away, his mind already contemplating the next steps.   As the night enveloped the land in an eerie shroud, Fluffy the rabbit, his crimson eyes gleaming with an otherworldly intensity, darted along the well-trodden animal trail. Each leap sent tremors through the earth, unsettling the very air with an ominous presence. The surrounding trees whispered dark secrets, their branches swaying in a macabre dance to an unseen rhythm. With each hop, Fluffy dove deeper into the heart of the forest, disappearing into the shadowy embrace of the night, leaving behind an unsettling chill that lingered long after his departure.

Cover image: Stormy Night by Tillerz using MJ


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Apr 12, 2024 21:59

Neat story!   I love the hints and setups of the broader world, especially the question of what's going on with the corruption.   ----------------------------------------------------------------   Feel free to check out my entry: Out Of The Dungeon And Through The Forest

Apr 13, 2024 05:19 by Tillerz

This is like a spoilery intermission scene for the campaign I am working on. :)

Apr 13, 2024 21:11

Who knows what unspeakable evils Fluffy, the rabbit, is contemplating right now...

Apr 15, 2024 08:20 by Tillerz

Aaah, things are happening, what is it?!? :D

Apr 15, 2024 06:43

And thus the Legend of the Waystone-Keeper beginns!
— Grandfather Roddenborg to his nieces and nephews

Toller Prelude zu einer Größeren Saga! Sehr schöne Wortbilder und der erste Hinweis auf das Böse, welches sich hinter einer viel zu niedlichen Maske versteckt.
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  • Apr 15, 2024 08:23 by Tillerz

    Was lauert da wohl in der Finsternis? Irgendwer spinnt da Fäden ... da braucht's wohl eine Gruppe wagemutiger Helden um das zu erfoschen! X-D

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