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The Tagams Head

What was originally build as a stronghold of power, a tower for defence, was eventually abandoned and for a while used a shelter for herders and their beasts. As the location became more known as a place to seek shelter, it was turned into an inn for wary travelers and a place for locals to get a beer after a hard days work.

Purpose / Function

As it was built it was meant to be a stronghold for the ruler of the land. But as his power faded with his lineage, and no other ruler claimed the building, much preffering a location closer to the sea, it was abandoned.


First built as a defensive position in the age of bronze atop a short hill, it is made out of stone and careful masonry technique. It's uncertain who first built it, but it has stood there for many hundreds of years. Herders came to use it as a place to shield their beasts on windy rainy nights, for a long time this was normal. Eventually it became sort of a stop on the road, and travelers who visited there could find a warm, if yet flatulent, cover for the night.   An enterprising lad took up residence there when the location became known to travelers (we can assume some agreement was made with the herders and owners of the land), and made it into an inn that accepted travelers as night guests. The inn, which was named The Tagams' Horns, served some limited food and more commonly beer.   The old walls were well built, and some additional stables and other such things has sprung up around it, the sturdy stone walls a testament to the skill of the masterful masons who build it hundreds of years ago.


It is a common stop on the road when traveling, and thanks to it's accomodating hospice, some trade is conducted there as well with the locals.
Species | Apr 13, 2022

Also known as the Gam

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