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Sky stone

Once, three years ago, I witnessed the fall of one of such stones. It was making the most curious light in the sky as it fell, I don't mind admitting I thought it was the great Gall coming down from the clouds. Hardly did I know what I had seen, before curiousity overtook my fear and I starting to walk in that direction. It took me the best part of the day to find it's site, o' I can't tell you what big scar it had made upon the land. - Floki the wayman.


Material Characteristics

The apperance of the sky stones can vary greatly, the most common are of a grey burned complexion. It is strangely shiny in spots like the reflections upon water, but hard, as if stone was coloured ice.   Often they are very small, about the size of a fist. It's rarer still that people may find a stone bigger than a man's fist, mostly because they scarcely fall.

Physical & Chemical Properties

The stones are often warm to the touch if they are recovered soon enough after their fall from the sky. But rain or time allows it to get cooler until it is completely cold like the earth it is embedded in.   The godes, whose job it is to interpret the will of the gods and so often get their hands upon this strange item, often open up the stones with greater or lesser effort (if it is possible at all). Inside they find the most strange and peculiar material, unlike any of them has seen before. With time, they may be able to use it to the ends which the gods have sent them these stones.

Geology & Geography

Curiously, it can be found in almost any terrain if you know what signs to look for (and very few do, making it very very rare). They leave a distinct wound on the area where they land, but nature heals herself within a season or two.

Origin & Source

The common belief is that the stones are sent by the gods as they fall from their domain (the sky).
Very rare.
A dark gray, almost black. It becomes blacker with time.
Common State
Solid, like a stone.

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Cover image: by Benjamin Child