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Vomra the Revered

The neglected boy who grew up to to change lives for many orphans.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

In his youth, he was a strong but lean lad from making his living by the seafaring trade.   As he grew older he still maintained his lean look.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

As a child, Vomra would be left with his mother (Gislö) while his father (Abiorn) was away to the sea. He would be working as a seafarer and tradesman. During the time the dad was away, Vomra was abused by his mother because she was sick, and handling the challanges of parenthood all by herself was too much for her to handle. Vomra was her first child and she directed her own problems in unhealthy ways. For the longest time Vomra wondered why he was "wrong" and why his mother acted so mean towards him. He became frightened of the periods his father wasn't home, because his mother would often hit him and scream at him, he became the scapegoat for whatever bad things was happening to the family. Even as Gislö and Abiorn had more children, only Vomra was badly neglected. Eventually, in his very early teens, his coping mechanism was to get away, and that is why Vomra started running away for days on end and only coming back home when he thought his mother wasn't there.   When he was finally twelve, his father Abiorn began taking Vomra with him as a helper on his sea wayfaring. On these voyages he would finally be able to see distant shores other than the area he grew up in and other villages and towns.   It was during his travels that Vomra started mainly worshipping Voell the god of the seas, as the oceans were such a prevalent and dangerous element in his formative youth.

Gender Identity

He is a cisgender male and uses the traditional male (he/him) pronouns.


Vomra did not learn to read before he was accepted as an apprentice helper as a young adult, at the temple of Voell. Voell is the Askar god of the ocean and seafaring.   Due to his late introduction to reading, he have difficulties with it and is not the fastest reader.


As a youth he was a helper aboard a ship, traveling together with his father as a wayfarer (tradesman).   As a young adult he took up the call of godly service and became a gode (priest), which he would remain for the rest of his life.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Despite not learning how to interpret the written word before his adult age, he was pretty good at it and was a helpful protector of knowledge. He started an orphanage in the name of Voell and the Askars.

Failures & Embarrassments

He would never be married nor get any children of his own. He mistreated his mother in her old age, thought thankfully she had her other adult children to lean on.

Mental Trauma

The abuse he suffered as a child made him self critical and unable to love himself for the longest time. He also had a resentment towards mothers, at the same time as he deep down wished dearly for a good mother figure in his own life.   He is overprotective of children as he sees himself in their vulnerable position. He can't refuse a child begging for help.

Personality Characteristics


This character is motivated by despair, very strong zealotry and overpowering paranoia.


Family Ties

He is the son of Abiorn and Gislö. He is brother to Acelia (sister, second child), Dyggve (brother, third child), Hafridh (sister, fourth child, died as an infant), Iogärdh (sister, fifth child), Ansvar (brother, sixth child), Lödhälf (sister, seventh child).

Religious Views

He is a staunch follower of the Askar faith and particularly of Voell
Current Location
Circumstances of Birth
His conception was unwanted by his mother, and unexpected by his father. As he arrived, great joy came to his father as he always wanted a boy, while Vomras mother resented her firstborn child.
Aligned Organization

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