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The Rooster

On the midsummer solstice, a star constellation is visible on the sky.


Upon the sky in the midst of summer solstice, to the north direction, you see the constellation that is the rooster. It consists of eight bright stars, and forms the shape of a cockerel on the night sky.


Long have people in Atria looked up on the constellation in the summer solstice and told the tale of the rooster. It's a story about the great power that comes out of doing good deeds.   The tale, in the short form, talks about how a rooster helped little sad looking creature, over a very strong and dangerous river, when other animals would not. Only when reaching the other side, did the creature reveal that he was in fact, a prince turned into a frog. This river had been the last obstacle before he could go to his true love and break the spell which was put upon him by a wampus. As thanks, the prince arranged for the festival of the kindhearted rooster every year where the tale would be retold, and people ate a special spiced bread (made part out of beans and lentils) with berry jam. On the three day festival birdmeat was forbidden to be hunted or consumed.   It is said that those born under the sign of the rooster often become thoughtful people who seeks professions such as teachers, and similar.
Alternative Name(s)
The Cockerel

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