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The Cloudberry Harvest

Once a year, around the mires there grows the golden yellow berries, which are greatly coveted by the Ukan people lucky enough to live near the berries growth range.


Before the hunter gatherer folks formed agricultural societies, people thought the coming of berries and other things of the forests bounty was a divine gift from the goddess of harvest, and the extra source of food was a sign of her favour of them. It's popularly theorized later in their history that people worshipped mother nature goddesses and similar cults from the artifacts found from the Age of Stone.   As more people settled down in agricultural societies instead of wandering around to hunt and gather for your daily requirements, so came the more gods with them. The new technology of growing food out of seeds changed life for the Kaestra folks for good, as they got more energy that they had otherwise spent on foraging food, many people now used to build and create new technology.    The exact timeframe when the Askars entered the scene is not known, but the cloudberry festival is part of their yearly holy days and celebrations.   The feast of cloudberries


Around the season of the great harvesting, some would also fill out the larder with picked berries and mushrooms from the bountiful forest. In fact, food was so plentiful that it was seen as a divine gift and many would hold a celebration in honour of the god of agriculture and harvest.   A household or even an entire village might have an organized berry picking. Usually the picking would be done through smaller groups . The task of cleaning the picked berries would be another group, often the elderly or young children. Lastly the berries would be preserved for the winter season, often by stirring the berries into honey into a sort of sweet preserve. Other times it would be baked into a variety of sweet treats with dough, herbs and dairy products to be consumed in time for a harvest celebration. These types of treats were a very common item on these feasts.

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Cover image: Cloudberry harvest banner by Hejhyena


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