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Crocuan Crocodile

On the sun drenched banks,
the great beasts lay and
eat their fill.

Basic Information


The morphology of the crocuan crocodilian does not differ a whole lot from crocodiles as a whole. They are quadroped (four legged) with fairly short legs on a powerful body ending on an equally long and powerful tail. From it's spiked eyebrows, over the back to the tails tip, it has ossified scutes. The crocodilians have strong elongated jaws and a scaly leathery hide.   They have about 66 sharp, cone shaped teeth. In the lower jaw, the fourth tooth fits into the notch in the upper jaw and is visible when the jaws are shut which is something all true crocodiles have and makes it easier to identify a specimen.   It is the second largest crocodile after the sea crocodile.   Crocodiles are sexually dimorphic and in sexually mature specimens, males are about 30 percent larger than females which shows in their difference in weight.

Genetics and Reproduction

As they usually reach sexual maturity when reaching a certain weight and length, it may take up to 12-16 years before an individual reaches sexual maturity. For males maturity comes when they reach about 3,3 meters, and females 2,3 meters.   Females will often lay their eggs in one to two months after mating. A new mother may lay about 15 eggs, while an average length and healthy female would lay 35-80 eggs per clutch. They would lay the eggs near banks, and was watched over by the mother to ensure no predators would eat her precious eggs. After 3 months, the eggs hatched.

Dietary Needs and Habits

The crocuan crocodile will eat anything it can get it's maw around, from insects as a hatchling, to fish as a youngling. As they grow in size they don't object to eating their own kind. They may even eat people if they get the opportunity, and is a danger to Kaestran people in Crocua who lives near a river and depend on it for water.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Some see crocodile meat as a great delicacy and therefore a few rare places would capture and keep crocodiles for meat. It's scaly leather when processed can be good as a substitute for avian hides for clothing or footwear.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

They are generally found in Crocuan rivers, especially around freshwater rivers.
Scientific Name
Crocodylus truculentuminei
70 to 100 years.
Conservation Status
It's population is plentiful and of least concern.
Average Weight
Males weigh about 550 kilo and females 260 kilos.
Average Length
Males are on average 3,5-5 meters long and females are 2,5-3,9 meters long.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Crocuan crocodiles has a dark bronze colouring on it's back, and is more greenish-yellow on it's belly. It's eyes are bright green with slit pupils.
Geographic Distribution
Related Ethnicities
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Cover image: by David Clode


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