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Onun's Smoke

Looks innocent, but don't be fooled.

Transmission & Vectors

Most commonly by inhaling smoke from the burning blend called Onun's Smoke. An method of ingesting it can be via a tea prepared by the mixture of dried herbs and flowers, but it's strongly recommended against. Drinking it as a tea makes the blend far too potent, and the user may suffer internal organ damage which is why it is so discouraged by their sellers. Dead costumers don't come back, and people talk. Bad rumors are bad for business.


Mainly used by people who do not want to concieve any children.


Anestrus and infertility. That's to say, you lose all your lust for an exclusively adult activity and you become unable to conceive children.   It may also induce abortion as it is a natural abortifacient.


It takes about three to five days for the symptoms to disappear. No treatment is necessary, but drinking a lot of water seems to quicken the recovery.


The person inhaling Onun's smoke will feel a fever-like for the first day and night. After that they will gradually regain energy and lust. For some individuals using the smoking as a contraceptive regularly, may experience colds more often, red and swollen irritated skin around the face, throat and chest, shortness of breath, extra mucus, and coughing. Ignoring these symptoms may result in severe illness and death.   The severe reaction may be an allergy, but it seems to be rare (1 out of 10.000). Majority of people using it do not have these symptoms.


For some reason or other, people using this seem more likely to catch colds and get urinary infections.


The usage of the herbal blend is first recorded by the Age of Metal, and discovered in Askirah.
Beige Animal Skull by Timothy Dykes
Chemical Compound
Chronic, Acquired
Kaestra Continents

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Cover image: by Alfred Kenneally


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