Ardenton (also known as Ardent Town) is the attached town to Ardent Keep. It houses the workers and their families of the Ardent organisation. It contains a number of houses, a small market, an inn, and a tavern. Originally created as temporary housing for the workers restoring Ardent Keep, it now serves as a fully-fledged village in its own right.


The 72 inhabitants of the town are comprised of the families of the people who work at Ardent Keep. These families supply the town with goods, services, and provide a source of income for the keep through a small tax.


The law is upheld by Ardent guards, who administer the laws of Waterdeep known as the Code Legal. However, all judgements are placed into the hands of the Lord Ardentor's council.


The town is surrounded by wooden towers on each corner not covered by the keep itself. The guards of the Ardent patrol the town regularly and make sure that the citizens and their families are safe.

Industry & Trade

All of the inhabitants are employeed or the main income provider works with the Ardent. Some of these family members run stores and trading for the town and community events. Almost all of the trading in the town is importing with weapons and goods coming from the nearby Waterdeep and Nightstone. The food for the town comes from the abbey of Goldenfields as Lord Ardentor Aial Vock Tal secured a trade agreement of food.


As the town is relatively small, it lacks much of its own infrastructure and instead uses that of Ardent Keep. The town does however have its own well (blocked off from infiltration attempts by Damu Ubo) that supplies the town with fresh water. It also contains a paved main road that leads to the keep, on which most of the small stores, houses, and weekly markets are held on.


The town contains a store of food, some weapory and tools for the Ardent in a storage house on the main street.


Not much is in the way of tourism, but guests of the Ardent that arent staying in the castle can stay in the Flame's Rest Inn for a modest fee. The Tipsy Toucan Tavern is filled to the brim with any soldiers and guards that aren't on any missions elswhere.


As the town started from tents much of its construction was hurried. Houses lay tightly knit together sprawlying from the main street out. They are mainly built from wood and stone, aside from the much larger Fire's Rest Inn, which is made from local stones. The deep wooden buildings creep out from the main street and are then connected by smaller dirt paths. All but three houses are single storey.


The town sits at the southern bottom of the hill in which the moat and castle of Ardent Keep sit on. This hill leads into the Ardeep Forest with its deep greenery and thick forest. This forest borders the northern edges of the town and keep, and provides a contrast to the rolling plains and pastures to the south.

Natural Resources

Ardenton contains two expert blacksmiths and a number of apprentices that create arms and armour with the help from Nightstone arms projects to supply the soldiers and guards of the organisation. The nearby Ardeep Forest is a source of foraging for various herbal goods of the citizens of the town, as they have permission from the elves of the forest.
Founding Date
1491 DR
Alternative Name(s)
Ardent Town
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Included Locations
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Sword Coast

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