Leilon is a small village that has recently been reconstructed and resettled by Lord Dagult Neverember and Neverwinter after being struck by a major calamity. For many years, Leilon was a large town and staunch ally of Waterdeep. The town's defining landmark was the Tower of Thalivar, constructed by the wizard Thalivar in the late 13th century DR The wizard disappeared shortly after construction concluded, and the tower lay abandoned. However, in 1385 DR, the Spellplague caused the tower's wards to fail, releasing swarms of guardians that rampaged through the town. In addition, the tower had powerful magic that caused anyone who looked at it to be paralysed. This effectively destroyed the town, and any travelers along the High Road took a very wide berth to avoid looking at the tower.

In 1485 DR, Lord Dagult Neverember pursued a policy of reopening the High Road between Waterdeep and Neverwinter. As part of these efforts, he dispatched forces to tear down the tower and make the town safe for habitation. These forces were successful, and the new inhabitants of Leilon owe their allegience to Lord Dagult Neverember.


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