Westgate is a city located on the western shore of the Sea of Fallen stars. It is an old city, notable for its corruption, crime, piracy, and incredible wealth. Although technically a republic, the city is in practice ruled by an oligarchy of merchant lords, and criminal syndicates run rampart in much of the city. When the Sea of Fallen Stars receded during the Spellplague, large sections of the city were constructed in the newly available land. However, these new sections were flooded when the Sea rose again following the Second Sundering.   Westgate is one of the last independent settlements in the region, having avoided annexation by Cormyr and Sembia by playing the two powers off of each other and supporting insurrections in Cormyr. It is also the largest and most powerful city on the Dragon Coast


The Dragon Coast was first settled by humans some time around -1,000 DR, with various settlements cropping up over time. Westgate grew to be the largest, but eventually was taken over and ruled by the tyrannical dragon Kisonraathiisar. In -349 DR, the dragon was slain by Saldrinar, a Netherese wizard, who proceeded to become the first human king of Westgate.   In -286 DR, the vampire Orlak and his army of mercenaries captured the city, and the vampire proclaimed himself the "Night King". He ruled over the city for over a century. He was overthrown by paladins of Lathander in -137 DR, and control of the city returned to humans.   In 257 DR, pirates from the Pirate Isles successfully invaded the city, reigning over it for two centuries. The pirate kings were eventually overthrown by the Chondathan mercenary Mulsantir Illistine in 429 DR, who restored the kings.   By the 14th century DR, Westgate's economy had stagnated due to the ability of Starmantle, a neighbouring city, to freely trade with underwater groups of tritons, merfolk, and sea elves. However, the Spellplague obliterated Starmantle, leaving Westgate as the sole major city in the region. The Spellplague also affected Westgate, as the Sea of Fallen Stars drained into the Underdark and the overall water level receded. The loss of the Weave
Alternative Name(s)
Gateway to the West
City of Coin
Inhabitant Demonym
Westar or Westhavian
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