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The Feywild, also known as the Plane of Faerie, is a parallel world to the Material Plane and the counterpart of the Shadowfell. The plane is locked in perpetual twilight, with the sun just on the horizon at all times. It can be described as a 'bright' reflection of the Material Plane, with oversaturated colours and oversized flora. The plane is primarily inhabited by the Fey, the majority of which are under the control of the various fey courts that themselves are organised within the Court of Stars. The two largest courts are the Seelie Summer Court, led by Queen Titania, and the Gloaming Court, led by the Queen of Air and Darkness.

The Fey that inhabit the Feywild fall somewhere along a spectrum ranging from the Seelie to the Unseelie. Seelie fey, favour brightness, ceremony, refinement, and intricate rules, while Unseelie fey are the opposite - preferring gloom, the intuitive and instinctual, a rejection of civilisation, and dabbling in forbidden magic. While the courts of Titania and the Queen of Air and Darkness can be easily viewed as Seelie and Unseelie respectively, the majority of fey and fey courts fall somewhere along the spectrum. As such, the two largest courts often attempt to lure smaller courts to their side in various machinations, creating a web of political intrigue that crosses the entire plane.

Visitors to the Feywild should be wary, as its inhabitants are far more dangerous than the twilit environs would lead one to believe. Fey are crafty creatures, and in many aspects similar in behaviour to devils, despite their chaotic nature. For a fey, the single most important aspect of their existence is balance and quid pro quo - if something is taken, something of equal or greater value must be given. However, what a fey considers valuable can differ greatly from what a typical humanoid does. Hospitality is another core pillar of fey society, and fey often treat visitors with courtesy and respect, as long as the visitor reciprocates. In a manner similar to devils, fey will often attempt to create contracts with others. Many times, however, the unfortunate victim does not realise they have created a contract at all. The three most common ways in which a contract can be created are by accepting a gift from a fey (creating the expectation of reciprocity), stealing something from a fey (again creating the expectation of reciprocity), and killing a creature that has created a contract with a fey (inheriting the old contract). Specific contracts can also be formed with an understanding on both sides, akin to how devils typically operate. This is most commonly seen when an adventurer desires some kind of boon from a powerful fey. Another important note about fey is that, typically, they will not or cannot lie. While they will misrepresent or distort the truth, they are highly unlikely to outright lie.


A plane of eternal twilight, the Feywild is a bright and twisted mirror of the material plane. Due to the innate magical characteristics of the plane, traditional measurements such as time and distance have no meaning. Although not necessarily hostile to visitors from the material plane, it is nevertheless unsettling. To navigate the twisting time and space of the Feywild, many denizens utilise magical shortcuts in order to reach a desired destination.   In order to enter the Feywild without a Plane Shift spell or equivalent, a visitor must pass through a "Fey Crossing", or "Fey Crossroad". These are portals that link the material plane and the Feywild, and they come in a variety of forms. These can be anything from a fallen tree that needs to be crawled under, a cave which emerges into the Feywild, or even a traditional portal. Many of these crossings have guardians in the form of fey, and many can only be opened under certain conditions (time of year, phase of the moon, weather effects, command word, etc.).   The Feywild is divided into a series of "Domains of Delight" (also known as "demesnes"), each controlled by an archfey, along with unclaimed territory. A demesne gives a given archfey total control over the area inside, and can even wall it off from the rest of the Feywild via magical veils. When two demesnes overlap, the archfeys lose their ability to control that territory, and its inhabitants must defer to both rulers until such time as the dispute is resolved.
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