White Dragon

White dragons are aggressive and primal creatures that inhabit arctic regions, tundras, mountains, icy caves, another other cold areas. They are recognised by their white scales, sleek profile, protruding teeth, and single, backwards-curving spine. Like other dragons, they are capable of a breath attack - a cone of cold.
2,100 years
Average Height
4 ft. (wyrmling)
7 ft. (young)
12 ft. (adult)
16 ft. (ancient)
Average Weight
320 lbs (wyrmling)
2,500 lbs (young)
20,000 lbs (adult)
160,000 lbs (ancient)
Average Length
16 ft. (wyrmling)
31 ft. (young)
55 ft. (adult)
85 ft. (ancient)

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