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Cult of the Dragon

The Cult of the Dragon is a secret society that venerates dragons, including Tiamat. They believe that dragons are one day destined to rule Faerûn and all of Toril, and thus serve chromatic dragons. In 1489 DR, a group of adventurers discovered that the Cult, led by Severin Silrajin, was attempting to summon Tiamat from her prison in Avernus to Faerûn. Over a period of several months, the combined forces of the Sword Coast and beyond managed to prevent Tiamat from being summoned, destroying most of the Cult in the process.


The Cult of the Dragon is organised in a typical hierarchical structure. Under the most recent reformation overseen by Severin Silrajin, the organisation is centred around the five Wyrmspeakers - one for each type of chromatic dragon - and Severin was the de facto leader. Under the Wyrmspeakers are the Wearers of Purple, high-ranking cultists that oversee specific areas of operations. Below them are the dragonsouls, dragonfangs, dragonwings, and dragonclaws, a descending order of ranks for cultists in the organisation. Below the dragonclaws are initiates, those who have yet to prove themselves to the organisation and may eventually be inducted as dragonclaws. Finally, the Cult often hires mercenaries or wrangles kobolds into aiding their endeavours, neither of which are formal members of the Cult.

The specific hierarchy of the Cult as of 1489 DR can be found at the bottom of this article.
Founding Date
902 DR
Secret, Religious sect
Controlled Territories



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