House Jansobski

"Say, have we asked that Waterdhavian baron for some money this month?"
— Anonymous House Jansobski Member
The Jansobski family is a noble family that is part of the Kingdom of Cormyr. The family's head is Ludomir Jansobski, who lives in a manor a short distance from Suzail. While a moderately influential family within the Kingdom, the Jansobskis hold no landed titles in Cormyr. The only member of the family to hold such a title is Wislaw Jansobski, who is the current Baron of Nightstone - far to the west and part of the city of Waterdeep. The Jansobskis also manage Castle Crag on behalf of the crown, as a reward for their loyalty during the Netherese invasion in 1485 DR. The Jansobskis are well-known as a very optimistic family, maintaining a bright cheerfulness even in the face of invasion and hardship. They are equally well-known for their constant financial mismanagement.
Family Leader


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