Blue Dragon

Blue dragons are vain and territorial creatures that primarily inhabit deserts, canyons, steppes, badlands, coasts, and other dry areas. They are recognised by their blue scales (which range from azure to indigo), frilled ears, and large horn on their snout. Like other dragons, they are capable of a breath attack - a line of lightning.
2,300 years
Average Height
4 ft. (wyrmling)
7 ft. (young)
12 ft. (adult)
16 ft. (ancient)
Average Weight
320 lbs (wyrmling)
2,500 lbs (young)
20,000 lbs (adult)
160,000 lbs (ancient)
Average Length
16 ft. (wyrmling)
31 ft. (young)
55 ft. (adult)
85 ft. (ancient)

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