Luskan is a port city located at the mouth of the River Mirar in The North. The city is often considered to be the farthest reach of civilization north in the Sword Coast North, despite the existence of the Ten Towns.

The city was much larger in the 14th century DR, with a population exceeding 16,000. However, in 1376 DR, the lich Arklem Greeth destroyed the Host Tower of the Arcane and much of the city in a magical explosion. The following famine and refugee exodus left the city a shell of its former self. It was in this chaotic situation that Jarlaxle Baenre and Bregan D'aerthe, who had partially engineered the situation, secretly seized power in the city.

In the 15th century DR, Luskan became what can only be described as a wretched hive of scum and villainy. Ownership of the city was exchanged countless times, but Bregan D'aerthe maintained its secret domination. The estuary of the River Mirar became a fetid bog, infested with monsters. The city was (and remains) a haven for criminals, and especially pirates. However, in 1486 DR, the Host Tower of the Arcane was reconstructed, and the Arcane Brotherhood reestablished in the city. Thanks to this, Luskan has a new reputation as an affordable school for mages.


  • Luskan
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City of Sails
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