Thornhold is a fortress located south of the Mere of Dead Men, often used as a rest stop for caravans travelling between Waterdeep and Neverwinter. The fort was originally controlled by the Waterdhavian House Margaster, but was captured and claimed by the Knights of Samular (paladins of Tyr) in the late 10th century DR. While the keep remained legal property of House Margaster, it was in effect controlled by the paladins and used as a chapterhouse. In 1368 DR, Thornhold was seized by the Zhentarim, who proceeded to use dwarves of Clan Stoneshaft as slaves. The dwarves had lived in the Underdark caverns beneath the fortress for centuries, and were eventually able to push the Zhentarim out (with the assistance of a Harper descendent of the founder of the Knights of Samular).

Since then, Thornhold has been under the control of the dwarves of Clan Stoneshaft. During the Spellplague the Mere of Dead Men expanded, cutting off the fort from the High Road and trade. During this period, the inhabitants became much more isolated. With the Second Sundering and shrinking of the Mere, Thornhold has once again returned to being an important stopover for caravans. However, both House Margaster and the Knights of Samular have expressed interest in reclaiming the fortress from the dwarves for their own purposes.


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