Nightstone is a small town and castle located south of the Ardeep Forest and to the east of Waterdeep. For the past sixty years the town has been ruled by the Jansobski family, and the current ruler is Wislaw I. The town and its surrounds are a barony, and are a subject of the city of Waterdeep. The name 'Nightstone' is derived from the massive obsidian obelisk in the middle of the castle's town, which radiates a strong magical aura.


Prior to its control by the Jansobskis, Nightstone was under the control of the Nandar family. In the late 14th century DR, Lord Drezlin Nandar attempted to regain control over the Nandar lodge in the Ardeep Forest. However, he and half the population of Nightstone were killed in a retaliatory raid by the wood elves of the Ardeep Forest. His widow, Velrosa Nandar, promised the elves that the people of Nightstone would stay out of the Ardeep Forest for good in exchange for peace.   Drezlin's son, Ottokar, became Lord of Nightstone upon his father's death. He quickly became a vicious and tyrannical ruler, pushing his subjects to create as much wealth for him as possible. The city of Waterdeep and the Lords' Alliance grew weary of Ottokar's transgressions against his people, and secretly contacted a group of adventurers led by Casimir Jansobski to overthrow Ottokar. In return, the town of Nightstone was promised to them as long as they were fair and just rulers. The adventurers snuck into Nightstone, and convinced the people of the town to rise up against the Lord. Ottokar fled with his personal guards and treasure, leaving Nightstone in the hands of Casimir Jansobski. Ottokar later attempted to return to retake the town with mercenaries, but was killed in the attack by a stray crossbow bolt.   Casimir immediately began rolling back the tyrannical policies of Ottokar, and established himself as a fair and just ruler. He also invited several other Jansobskis from Cormyr to reside in the town and its countryside, and adopted several Cormyrian customs, such as the title of 'Baron' instead of 'Lord'. Casimir was succeeded by Boleslaw Jansobski, who in turn was succeeded by Wislaw Jansobski.   In 1491 DR, Nightstone suffered a major attack by giants, goblins, and orcs, as well as an infiltration attempt by the Zhentarim. The town has since rebuilt thanks to funds brought in by Baron Wislaw's adventuring.
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