Dock Ward

The Dock Ward is delimited by Southern Ward along the Way of the Dragon to the east, the Trades Ward to the North, the Castle Ward to the north and west, and Deepwater Harbor to the south. The ward, as the name suggests, is dominated by the city docks. The inhabitants of the ward are primarily lower class and less educated, working at the ward's docks, warehouses, taverns, and living in the tenements and poorhouses. Until recently, the ward was considered the most dangerous - until that title was taken by the Field Ward. Despite that, the Dock Ward has never fully ridded itself of its reputation. The Guild of Chandlers and Lamplighters makes a halfhearted attempt to repair and light the ward's streetlamps, but locals are forced to carry their own light at night. Burgundy and orange are the Dock Ward's colors, and its mascot is the swordfish.
Founding Date
1035 DR
Location under


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